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Together in scripture

당신의 해에 우리의 제안 된 성경 읽기 경험. 12 개월의 월간 계획으로 나뉘어 전 세계 공동체와 함께 성경 이야기를 듣습니다.

Bible Recap Podcast

Be fueled with a new desire to read and live out the Bible. Learn to successfully memorize large passages of scripture through this powerful podcast.

Move Closer App

An innovative discipleship platform with curated playlists of teaching from your favorite Bible teachers. This app allows you and your friends to go deeper into scripture together.

The Bible Quarantine by Nick Hall - Week 1

Stuck inside? Join Nick Hall each day as he shares passages and perspective on the current pandemic to give us hope in God’s Word.

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Decide for Yourself

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